April 2022 – A Letter from Pastor Lori

Christ Is Risen! He Is Risen INDEED!!!

The celebration of Easter is absolutely central to the life of the church and to faithful Chris-tians. Why? Without the new life of Christ touch every aspect of who we are and what we do, we are simply going through religious motions, playing religious games, and puffing a religious veneer over lives that are just like anyone else’s.


To live lives touched by the Resurrection means many things, but I’d like you to think about these two:

 It means that we live unafraid of death and all that it brings with it. Many live in such a way that they will do ANYTHING to avoid pain, aging, illness and death. They go to extraordinary lengths to deny the inevitability of it, fooling only themselves and a few select others who are in on the game. We are simply paralyzed by fear into a kind of stupor that keeps us from doing or being anything.


 It also means that we live free from sin’s power. Has someone done something to you that still controls your heart and mind? Have you done something that has clouded or affected your whole life? Have you taken a road of temptation that leads only to damage to you and others? Have you allowed prejudice or fear to warp your heart so that you cannot love and forgive?


Easter isn’t just about eggs, bunnies, jelly beans and hollow chocolate Easter bunnies, and dressing up. It’s about the new life we have in Christ, in which we are set free to love, forgive and serve, and thereby find a sense of peace and joy in all that we do. By grabbing hold of the cross, we share in Jesus’ victory over sin, death and all that would destroy us.  Through the journey of Marjorie Thompson’s book we have become very aware of all the areas of forgiveness we are asked to seek out and wrestle with.  Only through forgiveness can we truly be set free.  Set-free from those that have harmed us and those we have harmed.  


Please join us as we prepare for and celebrate Easter. Palm Sunday is April 10th, and Confirmation Sunday at all three churches.  There will be a Good Friday service at 7 pm at Loup City and Ansley . Easter Sunday begins with a sunrise service at 6:45 am at Loup City (Sherman County Lake) followed by a breakfast at the Loup City UMC around 8 am.  Loup city will then have their traditional worship service at 11 am.  Ansley will begin their Easter morning with a potluck breakfast at 8 AM, followed by worship at 9:30 am.  Everyone at Litchfield is invited to join the other two churches of the Parish for the Easter celebrations.


Come celebrate the risen savior, together with others on this journey of life, faith, hope and love.


In Christ’s service



Pastor Lori Stevens