March 2021 – A letter from Pastor Lori

We are in the midst of Lent.  The very beginning of April is Easter.  The Loup City Youth group with the guidance of Kelli Loos and assisted by Dean put on an incredible Ash Wednesday service.   It was a reminder of what the season of Lent and Easter is about.  It is about self-reflection.  It is about forgiveness and redemption.  It is about giving up the old self and taking on something new in its place.  It is a time of getting made right with God. Have you ever thought about what God calls you God does not call to be perfect.  Jesus is the only perfect human. What would happen if it was ever decided to CANCEL imperfect people from the Bible, we would be left with only one person… Jesus Christ. God left the imperfect ones in the Word so that the contrast between perfection and imperfection would be crystal clear. We can learn lessons of failure and success from people who have tried, failed, got back up, and tried again—David, Peter, Thomas, Moses, Samson, etc. The message is clear. Leave the imperfect examples there so we can learn what “not” to be like, but leave Jesus alone so we can learn WHO to be like.  In this world of “cancel culture,” there is only one who can genuinely cancel or remove our past sins and failures, and His Name is Jesus. Romans 8:1 (NKJV) There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. Lent is that time to be reminded that Jesus dying on the cross is a true and pure gift given to us.  It is a gift of grace that we do not earn.  It is our salvation and promise of eternal life.  Easter is upon us.  I pray you continue to journey with us as Dean and I preach about the seven last phrases of God.  A Fascinating journey through the last hours of Jesus’ life. I pray you continue to sacrifice or give up something for God during this Lenten season. I pray that God softens you heart and opens your minds to God’s working in your life.  I pray that you continue to lay your sins at Jesus’ feet.  I pray you look at the new opportunities that God is offering you instead of living in the muck and mire of sin and misery of not forgiving or not being forgiven. May you seek this Lenten season to be the Person God is calling you to be.  One that is not perfect but a person that is open to God’s leading and guiding.  One that is willing to serve God, no matter what and where that may be.  A person that lives a life pleasing to God.  May God bless of you always and especially this Lenten season.

In Christ’s service

Pastor Lori Stevens