November 2021 – A Letter from Pastor Lori

On television there are a load of insurance ads and phone ads, along with many others.  Recently I saw an ad for a 5G network. It occurred to me that there are 5 “G”s that are keys to our faith as Christians. Then I thought of another one! So, here are 6 “G”s:

Of course, the first G is God. God is always first! God is constantly supporting us with countless blessings for life—both now and forever, through our Savior Jesus. God is here for us, in love, no matter what, in times of joy or sorrow. We can always turn to God and depend on God to care.

Another G is grace. God is eager to be merciful and invite everyone into life together. God’s grace goes far beyond our imagination. How often people have been surprised and inspired to find God’s grace at work. Just one example—long ago a former slave trader who turned to Jesus and reformed his life wrote the hymn “Amazing Grace”.

We respond with another G, gratitude. The more we understand God’s grace, the more we will be thankful. The old song “Count Your Blessings” remains true—no matter what, we are surrounded by more good gifts of God than we can ever imagine. During this season of Thanksgiving, we should live with an attitude of Gratitude.

Gratitude leads to another G, generosity. In gratitude for God’s grace, we want to share it with others by being kind caring and generous. The more we understand God’s blessings to us, the more we want to be generous in blessing others in whatever ways we can. That includes offerings, of course, but much more—our time, our talents, a supportive word, a smile. In all our Christian living, we look to God for guidance.  It is the season of setting budgets and evaluating our offering and tithes and the amount of money it costs to keep the church operating.  COVID has reduced our giving greatly.

Finally, it occurred to me to add the G of grow. I’ve read more than one article asking if we have learned anything during the pandemic. In terms of our faith, we have been reminded that the church is the people, not the building! There has been a lot of creativity as congregations have found ways to worship, for instance.

It sometimes seems that life now is a lot like wandering in the wilderness, but we know that story. God is there even in the wilderness, with something new—manna—to sustain the people on their way to the promised land.

This Thanksgiving season, may the Spirit guide us as we trust God, live by grace in gratitude and generosity, and grow in our faith and life!


In Christ’s service,

Pastor Lori